Friday, September 7, 2007

thanking sequel

I suppose we have whoever taught us english to thank! And that too profusely :)
I mean, if we are to start at atoms and maybe one day end up as superintelligent shades of colors, we need to start at the language don't we? :p

Well, after that, I guess JK rowling comes a close second... not to forget the famous empire of Rome, which is such a brilliant brilliant hunting ground :)

I have a feeling we'll be thanking Doug soon, and perhaps Joseph Heller after that!


Empress of Blandings said...

Sacrilege!! We plum-b forgot Sir Pelham G Wodehouse!! :-O.

arthurdental said...

*beats head upon keyboard in alarm* holy smoke! So i have!!

A huuuuuuge thanks heh... though I have a feeling we'll get ammmple opportunity to do such little merci's. :)