Friday, September 7, 2007

when in rome..

Aside - The following exchange occured between us a few days back... it features on another blog as well... this has been ceremoniously brought across. heh.

Punning is a good disease to have. What ho, one of those addictions you can't go to rehab in rehab for!! Its the sort of thing that can keep you laughing the whole day, if you aren't careful!

Mj and I were at it again, the whole of saturday went in outshining the other at every opportinuty that placed itself in the way :) Here's an excerpt of an epic roman saga that was brought to sms!The context would be more complete in formation of this particular blog, if we included some of our earlier freak inspirations... such as

'When in Rome, do the Romans', or

'To do a Roman, you'll need to do a little roman around before you get one!' and things like that...

The following occured after they were doing Rome on the Travel and Living channel :) you know, the colloseum and all the throwing to the lions and all that...

Mj - Just for this, I want to make a bee-lion to the colloseum some day!

Kz - You know, the boyfriends in the ancient Roman empire probably said to theirrespective grilfriends:

"I'd walk the lion for you"

Mj - Hmm, if the girlfriends were imperious enough, they'd probably make the young romanscallwags toe the lion, not withstand the veni-vici'ing!

Kz -
*wipes off a tear of laughter* Whoopie! and the Roman singer would go:

"I drew a lion,
I drew a lion for you,
oh what a thing to do;
and it was all yellow! "

Mj -
And she said -
"For yellow lion drawings I do not care
Show me some real gladiator fare! "

Kz -
To which the singer cried -

"What is this life
So full of this fare,
You have no time
To stand and pair? "

Mj -
To which she shot back -

"Julius, to win with me a date,
Prove to me you're truly great"
and that my friend is the tale of how Julius decided to become the emperor :)

Kz -
Julius' repartee -

"Fight my Roman ass off to win a date!
Roam through countries, is that my fate?
Not on your life! ", say he to her,
Living up to his name, he sieze her!
"Prove yourself Julius! ", when impore she,
Utter he, 'Veni, Vidi, Vici!! "

We hit the ceiling then, i guess... neither was able to continue the romanexchange... Well, more communciation, more posts! more come up shortly hopefully... :) Happy reading!

the deathly hellos! (Or, how it all started)

Our first serious series (if we can stretch our imaginations a bit and use the word "serious"!)..captured on Dent's blog, here.

But if you're too lazy to check the link, here's the (hor)crux of that fateful conversation:

Dent: halloa! And the hi's begin to flow again!
Prefect: oye!!! There you are!! I was actually going to ping you, esp considering we're in Potter season :-D. How've you been? Watched The Order of the Phoenix? :-)
Dent: arre not yet... i was supposed to catch it on saturday, but something happened :) i want to see this so badlee! what with it being the best potter movie so far and all that... :)
Prefect: "badlee" - is that like the Nasal Man's "Moviee" ??? :-D. I'm waiting impatiently for the book - I pre-booked it, so it's supposed to be delivered today.. it still hasn't turned up!

****a little pause, and then we're back to business****

Prefect: Hey I finished reading Deathly Hallows last night.. but I guess Goblet still remains my favourite!
Dent: whola the goblet! my favourite remains the arizona of prizkaban.. i mean... the azkaban thingie.. the third book... that was the most interesting one... :)In the course of book 7 i somehow got the feeling that rowling was getting a little old and rambling on and on, making incoherent sentences... or i guess i was falling asleep over tha book... heh..finished it last night too... but seriously.. Albus Severus Potter??!? that was a laugh~~!!!

Prefect: heheh seriously, she went too far with that epilogue stuff.. .she should've quit while she was ahead... altogether it was too soppy and movie-ish and I'm really rather sick of the Weasleys, esp! :-p.

**** fun resumes...****

Prefect: Hallow, Hallow!!! ;o) How go things??? :-)
Dent: things go well... i was just wondering.. if voldemort called harry up on the phone and threatened to kill him, the book would have been called 'Harry Potter and the deathly hellos' no?

Prefect: heh abs!! That is, if The Noseless One knew how to use the felly-tone :-).
Dent: indeed... 'the noseless one always knows; irrespective of whether he knows less or nose more' :)
Prefect: har har har!! (or harry harry harry -whatever :-p) Brilliant!! :-).
Dent: one needs to harry up with the scraps these days eh?oh, guess what happened to voldemort when all his horcruxes were gone? he was a little harried.. sorry, can't help it :)

Prefect: Heh, come on now, be sirius, will ya?!! :-D
Dent: This black family... do you think they were into family planning? I mean they were all happy and gay then suddenly with the birth of their second son, they got serious...

Prefect: Oh well, I don't give a Figg about the Blacks.. :-p
Dent: hehehe... your puns are giving me an inferi-ority complex...
Prefect: :-))) now, now, no need to get crabbe-y over this..
Dent: Don't snap(e) at me like that...
Prefect: No No, I'm not... we're good Firenze after all, how could *I* snap(e) at you? :-D
Dent: LOL!!! I see orkut is err.. umm-bridging the gap between us...
Prefect: Brilliant!!!! :)) This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, to paraphrase the Boggart ;o) (in Casablanca!)
Dent: yesh yesh!! and if we should ever face hiccups, we could always gargoyle... (couldn't help)-

--------Then orkut did its bad bad server donut thingie, and we carried on using other means:

Prefect:Hmmm, can't access Orkut suddenly.. the proxy I'm using at office is acting up..
PS : Why the sobriquet "apache'ed blak and silver"???
Dent: Hi M,
Thats because i bought the bike.. apache, and am quietly kicked about the purchase :)
By the w. i am scheduled to visit your current hometown this weekend... visiting blood relatives... **grin**
Prefect:Really???That's cool... we ought to try and meet up... but if you're only downfor the weekend, you'll probably be busy with ze b. rel.s :-)Anyway, ping me if poss!
M(-press of Blandings ;-p )
Dent: Ar.. we certainly ought to. Will try and ping...
must mention that the scrapping today has been quite capital, yes indeed...
so long!
Yes indeed! A total fleur-y of scraps! One of us ought to collect the whole set and put it up on a blog or something :-)
So long! M.
Dent: indeed! i understand the feeling of just having to say it, for that there is no cure :) I sincerely hope there is nothing that can severus from punning at each other :-/

Prefect: *grin grin* abso-blooming-lutely...we shall percy-vere, and continue punning till the
Kaus come home :-))) ;o)

** for the reader: Kauz is Dent, by the way :)

Dent: of kauz we shall... upun my word..
let it flow!! :o)))
** ze lack of zis punning scrappa vill eventuvally get on mi-nerva and driev me krazee, and my sanity will soon krum-ble... **

Prefect: : Ollivander say is, "good job!"

Dent: Heh, don't vander off, will ya?

thanking sequel

I suppose we have whoever taught us english to thank! And that too profusely :)
I mean, if we are to start at atoms and maybe one day end up as superintelligent shades of colors, we need to start at the language don't we? :p

Well, after that, I guess JK rowling comes a close second... not to forget the famous empire of Rome, which is such a brilliant brilliant hunting ground :)

I have a feeling we'll be thanking Doug soon, and perhaps Joseph Heller after that!

In the beginning..

...we return to the start of it all, the first atom, the tiny seed that was planted across geographical borders that culminated in this effort.

Who shall we thank? JK Rowling? Orkut? Tintin? Our stars? Asterix? Douglas Adams? Calvin and Hobbes? Painful workdays? More painful travel from the workplace? The Romans? (yes, they figure in this a great deal!)

We just hope you'll have as much fun reading this as we did creating it!

And may it never be forgotten, the answer is forty two.