Friday, September 7, 2007

the deathly hellos! (Or, how it all started)

Our first serious series (if we can stretch our imaginations a bit and use the word "serious"!)..captured on Dent's blog, here.

But if you're too lazy to check the link, here's the (hor)crux of that fateful conversation:

Dent: halloa! And the hi's begin to flow again!
Prefect: oye!!! There you are!! I was actually going to ping you, esp considering we're in Potter season :-D. How've you been? Watched The Order of the Phoenix? :-)
Dent: arre not yet... i was supposed to catch it on saturday, but something happened :) i want to see this so badlee! what with it being the best potter movie so far and all that... :)
Prefect: "badlee" - is that like the Nasal Man's "Moviee" ??? :-D. I'm waiting impatiently for the book - I pre-booked it, so it's supposed to be delivered today.. it still hasn't turned up!

****a little pause, and then we're back to business****

Prefect: Hey I finished reading Deathly Hallows last night.. but I guess Goblet still remains my favourite!
Dent: whola the goblet! my favourite remains the arizona of prizkaban.. i mean... the azkaban thingie.. the third book... that was the most interesting one... :)In the course of book 7 i somehow got the feeling that rowling was getting a little old and rambling on and on, making incoherent sentences... or i guess i was falling asleep over tha book... heh..finished it last night too... but seriously.. Albus Severus Potter??!? that was a laugh~~!!!

Prefect: heheh seriously, she went too far with that epilogue stuff.. .she should've quit while she was ahead... altogether it was too soppy and movie-ish and I'm really rather sick of the Weasleys, esp! :-p.

**** fun resumes...****

Prefect: Hallow, Hallow!!! ;o) How go things??? :-)
Dent: things go well... i was just wondering.. if voldemort called harry up on the phone and threatened to kill him, the book would have been called 'Harry Potter and the deathly hellos' no?

Prefect: heh abs!! That is, if The Noseless One knew how to use the felly-tone :-).
Dent: indeed... 'the noseless one always knows; irrespective of whether he knows less or nose more' :)
Prefect: har har har!! (or harry harry harry -whatever :-p) Brilliant!! :-).
Dent: one needs to harry up with the scraps these days eh?oh, guess what happened to voldemort when all his horcruxes were gone? he was a little harried.. sorry, can't help it :)

Prefect: Heh, come on now, be sirius, will ya?!! :-D
Dent: This black family... do you think they were into family planning? I mean they were all happy and gay then suddenly with the birth of their second son, they got serious...

Prefect: Oh well, I don't give a Figg about the Blacks.. :-p
Dent: hehehe... your puns are giving me an inferi-ority complex...
Prefect: :-))) now, now, no need to get crabbe-y over this..
Dent: Don't snap(e) at me like that...
Prefect: No No, I'm not... we're good Firenze after all, how could *I* snap(e) at you? :-D
Dent: LOL!!! I see orkut is err.. umm-bridging the gap between us...
Prefect: Brilliant!!!! :)) This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, to paraphrase the Boggart ;o) (in Casablanca!)
Dent: yesh yesh!! and if we should ever face hiccups, we could always gargoyle... (couldn't help)-

--------Then orkut did its bad bad server donut thingie, and we carried on using other means:

Prefect:Hmmm, can't access Orkut suddenly.. the proxy I'm using at office is acting up..
PS : Why the sobriquet "apache'ed blak and silver"???
Dent: Hi M,
Thats because i bought the bike.. apache, and am quietly kicked about the purchase :)
By the w. i am scheduled to visit your current hometown this weekend... visiting blood relatives... **grin**
Prefect:Really???That's cool... we ought to try and meet up... but if you're only downfor the weekend, you'll probably be busy with ze b. rel.s :-)Anyway, ping me if poss!
M(-press of Blandings ;-p )
Dent: Ar.. we certainly ought to. Will try and ping...
must mention that the scrapping today has been quite capital, yes indeed...
so long!
Yes indeed! A total fleur-y of scraps! One of us ought to collect the whole set and put it up on a blog or something :-)
So long! M.
Dent: indeed! i understand the feeling of just having to say it, for that there is no cure :) I sincerely hope there is nothing that can severus from punning at each other :-/

Prefect: *grin grin* abso-blooming-lutely...we shall percy-vere, and continue punning till the
Kaus come home :-))) ;o)

** for the reader: Kauz is Dent, by the way :)

Dent: of kauz we shall... upun my word..
let it flow!! :o)))
** ze lack of zis punning scrappa vill eventuvally get on mi-nerva and driev me krazee, and my sanity will soon krum-ble... **

Prefect: : Ollivander say is, "good job!"

Dent: Heh, don't vander off, will ya?

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